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Daily Archives: January 3, 2011

Off to the Races (almost)

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Our plans to go to DC and see some museums and monuments have been delayed slightly as we wait for a tow truck to take one car to the mechanic.  Apparently, they like for you to be with the car.  Just a little hiccup in the plans.  I had oatmeal for the second day in a row…I love how the oatmeal and the coffee become ready at the same time.  Starting on Wednesday, I’m going to be discussing my preparations for the workshop I’m giving in Australia in the spring.  I have a little “tableau” set up with lighting and a camera at the ready, so that I can document all the steps I’m going to be teaching.  I think I’ll be putting together a little program that I can offer to other groups, perhaps; including Power Point, video, and slide shows, as well as printed handouts.

In the meantime it’s a couple of days of museum and monuments.  It’s cold…29 degrees. I’m taking my leather gloves…and a small camera.  The Canon G9 which is small but quite powerful.  It shoots “RAW” files as well as 15p video.   Aloha!