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Daily Archives: January 9, 2011

Planes of the Head

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I spent a good part of yesterday sanding and painting my little sculpture heads.  I have about ten out of twenty done.  In the process, I’ve been thinking about what’s called the “planes of the head.”  There are quite a few planes, an infinite number actually, and many different systems have been devised starting with the simple blockhead…a sort of cube.  At the other extreme are people who break the head up into so many planes it becomes sort of useless as a guide for sculpting and understanding the structure of the head.  So I ended up dreaming about the planes of the head, to no good outcome, probably.  So here’s a picture of a sort of random way of breaking the planes of the head up into planes.  The easy Raku way.  Just heat it up to 1800 degrees F and  then douse it in sawdust.  Easy peasy.  Also fairly useless for understanding the structure of the head, but fun.

I’m off to a day of hanging out with members of the board of the Maryland Federation of Art for our annual retreat.  Actually my first one, so I have no idea of what we’ll be up to, but I’m taking my ukulele just in case.