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Blues Music

Go straight to my Blues Music Page to watch music videos and find out about live performances.


Go straight to my page and see links to some of my short videos as well as information about current projects.


There is a lot of photography.  This is a good place to start.


There is a lot of painting.   This is a good place to start.

I love my work

Doing creative work just always feels like the right thing.

"John Jensen seems to have tried his hand a every medium. Jack of all trades and maybe master of a few."

− Anon

"John Jensen is a complete artist. From music to movies, pottery to paint, John's work is extraordinary and his interest in art of any form is inspiring."

− Joann Vaughan, Executive Director, Maryland Federation of Art

"I'm not sure exactly what kind of music he plays. Some kind of blues I guess, but it obviously comes from his heart and soul."

− Anon.

Put a little John Jensen in your life

Music, painting, film/video, photography, pottery, sculpture…
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