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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Back from Australia

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I’ve been derelict in the extreme regarding this blog of late, in good measure because of the attention I redirected to my trip to Australia.  I’m sure a “good blogger” just keeps blogging in spite of all distractions and perhaps one day I will become that ” good blogger.”  But in the meantime, I do have a few pictures from my time “Down Under.”  We left on a Sunday and returned on a Friday and in between lost and gained a day as we crossed and recrossed the International Date Line somewhere out in the Pacific Ocean.  We stayed in or near a small town called Handorf, which in in South Australia in the hills behind Adelaide. The whole region is sub-tropcial and is well suited to vineyards, of which there are many.

Wine Country

Roses abound in the region, perhaps partly because they are planted among the grapes to warn of possible disease…the grapes show signs of distress before the grapes do.

Another aspect of the landscape which struck me is the vast number and variety of Eucalyptus trees, which the locals call “Gum Trees.”  With their white trunks and peeling brown bark they really stand out against the other trees and shrubs and the leaves have a characteristic silouette and movement.

This is all I have to offer this morning. I’ll have more images and chat tomorrow.