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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Unexpected Complications

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I easily managed to arrive at the film location on time  with my gear only to discover that the key to the building was not to be found.  A phone call brought a spare key down after a while, but it broke off in the lock.  More phone calls finally brought a handyman who had a key and we were off  and running, but only after sitting in the van for two hours.  Being so much behind schedule put a bit of a rush on things and the flurry of activity progressed non-stop until I was able to proclaim, “That’s a wrap.”  In spite of the fact that I’ve been doing video for about two years now, this was my very first production of a narrative drama.  Now it’s “in the can,” in post-production, and I’m confronted face to face with all the mistakes of commission and omission of which I was and am guilty.  My cast and crew performed well beyond what could be expected from amateurs.  Quite stellar, I think. I think I can make something with the material we created.  Non-linear editing programs are quite wonderful. For your enjoyment:  a few still from yesterdays shoot.

OOPS! Skipped a day.

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Jumped out of bed, late for a tennis match yesterday.  Too late for any time to linger over coffee or sit at the computer, but not so late as to actually be late for tennis.  Having been accepted into a group of older men who play tennis twice a week has been one of the highlights of my recent life.  I used to play league tennis for quite a few years and in all that time rarely found any real comradeship.  But these guys I’m playing with now…I love ’em.  This morning I’m getting ready to go out to shoot my little film set in a vacant apartment downtown.  It’s really a challenge getting cast and crew together for one event.  Everyone has such busy lives these days.  My last movie fell apart right before filming because of actors falling out and out location permission was compromised.  My fingers are crossed for today.  I’m fortified with oatmeal and hot coffee. My gear is ready.  Here’s the picture I have as cover for my script binder.

Snow On The Ground

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We’re enjoying a mild snowfall which has remained, un-melted, for a couple of days now.  I’ve been sleeping my way through a bit of a cold for these couple of days…trying to build up a reserve of strength for the movie shoot I have scheduled for Wednesday.  I still have to do a lot of planning before then.  Also have to finish editing the blues concert movie before and publish it to DVD before Jan 1.  Having done all that I can begin to focus on preparing for the sculpture workshop in Australia, which has me a little anxious.  It’s tough planning an event so far away.  I can’t just load up my gear and go.  It all has to be assembled at the other end.  Well, three months should be enough time.  I have my visa, at least.  Let me try inserting a picture file and see how that works with this “blog thing.”  A water color painting from a couple of months ago. One of my friends thinks the sails in the

background detract from the painting.  I see her point but disagree.  What do you think?  I’m still not all well from my cold, but am up and doing things…Like this


Boxing day

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I not only screwed up two pages and deleted them, I also accidentally created a new page rather than  creating a new post.   I’m really going back to bed to nurse this cold.

Christmas Morning

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Lots of nice things under the tree. Bacon and eggs for breakfast with marmalade on the toast and good strong fresh ground coffee. Some actual snow drifting down from the sky. Might as well try to stick in our Mele Kalikimaka video from last year: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7icszdJ5zAg. I’m hoping to use this blog for daily musings about being an artist. I got a nice little watercolor set for christmas with a bound book of 80 lb. paper (don’t know the brand, but it seems nice) and a very clever set of colors in a plastic palette which has a brush with a built in reservoir. I already lots of painting supplies, but this little rig is so nice…I’m sure I’ll use it. Also got a book of interviews and whatnot between Alfred Hitchcock and Francois Truffaut. The filmic artist in me is very happy about that. So Merry Christmas to you…whoever you are. And looking forward to a happy and prosperous new year.