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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Natchez Malt Shop

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Zahn and I had a burger each at the Malt Shop in Natchez. While we waited we occupied ourselves taking a few selfies.  In this case I was shooting with my little action camera while Zahn was focusing on her cell phone camera.  Meanwhile back at the ranch:  I’m making great progress with the new website and it looks like I’ll actually have a whole new web site based on the WordPress template I’m using:  Salient.  It’s about all I do in the dark winter evenings except read murder mysteries and other such trash.  Zahn is doing research into the genealogy of a lady she met at one of the many Natchez parties we’ve been to, so we had to drive out into the Mississippi country side in search of a small graveyard.  Here is one of several stones we found…from March 1830.


New Website

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I’m in the early challenging stages of converting my web presence to a WordPress based structure.  So I’m just feeling my way along. I’m in the middle of figuring out how to import some old posts from a WordPress.org site I had.  In the meanwhile, it’s time for a fresh start. and I’m using one of my favorite images from 2014:  A picture of my dingy pulled up on the shore of a small island in the Rhode River in Maryland.