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Way Down In The Hole

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Here I am on my last day in Natchez. We’ve had the benefit of hot muggy days punctuated by thunder and lightning storms most afternoons. This circumstance has made me a little bit reluctant to get out and set up my equipment for outdoor “on location” recording sessions, so I finally set something up indoors. The result of two days of piddling around and performing dozens of versions of this song: Way Down In The Hole by Tom Waits. There are still possibly a few usable versions “in the can”; but I like this one, the last of four videos I did while in Natchez. I hope to soon finish a short one based on a motorboat trip to the secret backwaters of Bayou Lacombe in Louisiana.

At The St. Catherine Creek National Wildlife Refuge

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Since I arrived here in Natchez I’ve been learning a lot of new things about the area. A great discovery has been this wildlife refuge, and another has been the history of the original Natchez people who made their home along what we now call St. Catherine Creek. The Natchez were in the area a long, long time into prehistory. and were the last of the mound building people. There are quite a few earthen mounds around but the most spectacular is the Emerald Mound along the Natchez Trace.
Anyway non of this has much to do with this video, except that some of the old stomping grounds of those people must have been at least a little bit like this. The Natchez were pretty much completely killed in wars with the French and those who were not killed were assimilated into other groups such as the Chickasaw and the Creek, who themselves were removed in the “trail of tears” to Oklahoma.

Natchez Visit

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I’m going to be here in Natchez for a while. I have some video projects in mind, associated with making music; but a couple of other projects have suggested themselves. So while I’m getting organized for the music things, I’ve edited up these two shorts about Natchez. The first is one minute and the second is five minutes. The weather was hot both days, just under a hundred as the sun was beginning to set, which of course is what is to be expected in The South. I take it as a point of pride not to be undone by hot weather, but in the middle of the day one does seek out the shade. There is a clip in the Natchez 300 Anniversary video that shows a couple of jets flying by: This was by arrangement with the US Navy. I think everyone expected a bit more of a show but they did “fly by” as promised. Natchez is really a small town in spite of once being the home of more millionaires than any other contemporaneous city. Big money in those days and the houses are mostly still here to prove it.

Baroak Gig

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Last Friday I did three hours, with a ten minute break, in a pretty large room. The Baroak at Loews hotel in Annapolis. That room is about 50 by 80 feet with a long bar on one side and an open kitchen and grill at the far end. I had a great time. The staff was very helpful and welcoming and the audienence reasonably responsive. My friend Dave Brashears came in and got the clapping started. Sometimes the people just need a little hint.