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Monthly Archives: June 2011

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Winding down a busy day getting house keeping done.  Set up campsite, had to buy more camping equipment.  So I’m having dinner on the Hanalei pier, waiting to take a picture of the sunset…maybe.  Imagine me in the chair. Fried chicken, orange juice, bread.  Yum

Kauai Palms

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I worked on the treatment for the movie during the first 12 hours of the trip until I felt like I was beginning to hate the story, so I just put it away.  I slept most of the way from LAX to Kauai.  Almost all of my anxiety melted away as soon as I felt the tropical breezes.  It was fairly warm but the air was moving so nicely and I felt good.  And everyone I’ve encountered so far has confirmed my belief in the aloha spirit of the people here.  The cab drive told me his favorite beach for camping (which is one that is on my list of three sites at which I’ll be staying), and gave me a gift of a local alternative to saying “Aloha.”  I guess he liked me!  I’m checked in to the Kauai Palms Motel which has internet wireless access, so I’m getting some internet work done this morning before heading out to get my rental car.  The hotel is actually quite nice.  Air-conditioned, quiet and friendly.  And close to the airport!  I was too tired and disoriented last night to do much film work, but I did get a very nice rest.

On the way

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I’ve started on the first leg of my journey. Luckily got an aisle seat next to an exit do it’s almost as roomy as first class. I decided to work on a treatment of the script on the flight and have already run into a problem on page three. So I’m blogging while I mull it over.


Preparing for Kauai

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I’m all caught up in preparing for my seven weeks in Kauai, which involves not only making sure I’ve packed all  I need, but also taking care of things I have to do before I leave.  For example: I’m providing some music at a wedding tomorrow and still have some rehearsing to do before then.  My car needs the brake bled after having changed the Master cylinder.  And so forth.  Most of the details about the venture can be found at my site Kauaithemovie.net site or my IndieGoGo  site.  The video below is a brief introduction and can be found at both of those sites.  When I’m in Kauai I’ll be posting to this page regularly.      [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPc-yAkWKwc]