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New Laptop

By January 20, 2011 Film related No Comments

I’ve spent the last twenty four hours getting my new laptop configured, and I’m submitting this post from it.  Wouldn’t you know I read today that Intel has come out with a new chip that is faster than it’s fastest current chip and cost one third as much.  I think it is based on a carbon molecule that looks something like a chicken-wire fence, but is only one molecule thick.  I’d forgotten how much trouble it is to set up a new computer, but I haven’t had a laptop in three years and I kind of need one.  Outmoded the day I got it, but still nice.  It’s at least as powerful and fast as my two year old desktop pc.  Other than that, I spent some time trying how to make sculpture tools for a class of fifteen out of materials found around the house, home depot or the craft store.  I’m going to check out the hunting and fishing store tomorrow.

Australian open tennis has started on Tennis Channel and ESPN…the only sport I follow.  The time difference dictates that the live tennis is late at night into the early morn and the temptation is to stay up late.  Reminds me of when I watched the entire Americas Cup on TV…staying up till all hours.  For all the hype and reputation of this great race, on TV you can watch for three hours and the whole thing hinges on one boat letting it’s sail flutter too much for a few seconds after rounding a buoy.  It’s not the big things, like in the movies.  It’s the accumulation of little things. So that’s it for today.  Not much I know. So to make up for it here’s a picture the famous Wavey Gravey in the background with your’s truly in the foreground at an arts festival last winter in Kauai, Hawaii.

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